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Property Protection Measures and Drainage Maintenance

The Town of Sullivan's Island, in conjunction with Charleston County, has an inspection and maintenance program.  The Charleston County Stormwater Authority conducts routine inspections on all ditches at least once a year.  The drainage system on the Island must be kept clean to minimize the effects of flooding.  Debris in ditches may obstruct the flow of water and cause overflow into streets, yards and homes.  The Town of Sullivan's Island Ordinances make it illegal to take any action that will impede the flow of water in ditches and waterways or the dumping of debris into any ditch.  If you see any violations,  please contact the Charleston County Storm Water Hotline at 843-202-7639 or and Town Hall at 843-883-3198.

Notice your ditch not draining? To request a ditch or culvert cleaning you can fill out an online work request by visiting South Carolina Department of Transportation.