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Council has recently tasked Thomas and Hutton with exploring additional recreation concepts for the Stith Park Master Plan which could further enhance the Park experience.  To gather additional information, the engineer has been asked to delay the presentation scheduled for April 16, 2024 to a later to be determined date. Appropriate notification will be provided for the rescheduled presentation date.


Administrative Services

The Administrative Department works diligently to provide services to all residents and visitors to Sullivan’s Island. Led by the Town Administrator, Andy Benke and Deputy Administrator Joe Henderson, the Administrative Department works toward the implementation and practice of the various policies and decisions adopted by Town Council.   A variety of licenses and permits are available during regular business hours including Dog Licenses, Business Licenses and Special Event Permits.

Town Hall

Newly constructed in 2016, Town Hall houses 12 full time employees on the first floor including the Building Department, Zoning Department, Water and Sewer Billing and Municipal Court. All regularly scheduled meetings are held in our Town Council Chambers. As the epicenter of Town government operations, Town Hall serves as the primary point of contact for residents and visitors. During a State of Emergency, Town Hall serves as the Municipal Emergency Operations Center. It is equipped with an elevated generator capable of sustaining operations in the event of a power outage. It also maintains the capability to sustain all phone, radio and internet communications necessary to handle the function of Town Government.

General License and Permit Information