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The unofficial results from the May 4, 2021 municipal election for Mayor are Chauncey Clark 424 votes, and Patrick M. O'Neil 681 votes. In the Council race, the results are Scott A. Millimet 686 votes, Justin P. Novak 720 votes, Kevin Pennington 409 votes, Tim Reese 418 votes and Gary Visser 688 votes. The Municipal Election Commission will meet on Thursday at 12:00pm in Town Hall located at 2056 Middle Street to certify the election results. 

Current Tree Commission Applications

In an abundance of caution, and following the advice of the Centers for Disease Control, this DRB meeting will be held remotely. The public may join the virtual meeting via the following link. Once you have completed signing up, click join the audio conference from your device. A password is not required.

Please feel free to attend this public meeting or submit email correspondence to Town staff at

Current Agenda

March 29, 2021 Tree Commission Agenda (PDF)

Tree Removal Requests

  • 2320 Goldbug Avenue: Applicant and owners request approval to remove two (2) Category 1 pine trees of 18” and 22” in diameter at breast height (DBH) with attached mitigation plan. Request is in accordance with Zoning Ordinance Section 21-162. B. (Application for relocation, or removal and replacement). (PIN #529-06-0072)