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Accreted Land Management Plan

Accreted Land Lighthouse

Sullivan's Island Town Council, on Friday, October 2, 2020 approved a mediated settlement to end litigation in the case of Bluestein v. Town of Sullivan's Island. The settlement brings to conclusion over a decade of litigation regarding the condition of the accreted land.  It is important to note that approval of the settlement does not authorize any private cutting in the accreted land. The settlement resolution does not constitute a final work plan document for use by Town contractors.

In the time ahead the Town will work with an appropriate engineering firm, as well as other experts, in order to develop a detailed work plan and the appropriate permit applications. It is anticipated that this process will involve consultation with a variety of agencies, including but not limited to, OCRM, the Army Corps of Engineers, the SC Dept of Natural Resources and US Fish and Wildlife, and the Lowcountry Land Trust. The Town will begin implementation after receipt of any necessary permits. 

Mediated Settlement Work Plan- DRAFT V.1

The following documents represent the work plan created under the terms of the mediated settlement in Bluestein et. al. v. Town of Sullivan's Island et al. 2010-CP-10-5449:

Agenda Item 3-16 Amendment (PDF)

Technical Narrative (PDF)

Wetland Delineation (PDF)

Dune Buffer Showing all Trees (PDF)

Work Plan Graphic (PDF)

Accreted Land Plan Chart (PDF)

Motion and Order Amending Settlement (PDF)

Delineation Concurrence by United States Army Corps of Engineers (PDF)

Settlement Work Plan Review by United States Army Corps of Engineers – No Permit Required (PDF)

DHEC-OCRM response for Critical Area Line Request and Sullivan's Island Accreted Land Vegetation Proposal- Permit Required (PDF)

Sullivan's Island Land Management Recommendations Presentation

On March 10, 2020 Town Council and the public were briefed by Biohabitats on the recent study of the Accreted Land.  Click here to view the consultant’s slide presentation. A video recording of the presentation, inclusive of questions and answers, will be posted to this website in the near future.

Sullivan's Island Land Management Recommendations PresentationLink to one drive presentation.

 Click here to read the final report on Accreted Land Management Plan from Biohabitats.

Click here to read revised pre-proposal draft language for the National Fish and Wildlife Federation's Coastal Resilience Grant Fund. 

Meet the Consultant Team

The team was introduced on Wednesday January 8, 2020 at 9:00 AM during a Special Meeting of Town Council. Over the course of two days the experts met among themselves to study physical changes in the property during the past 10 years, the draft management plan prepared by Coastal Science and Engineering in 2010, Town Council Management Plan 3A (circa 2011) and various maps, documents and comments which speak to the nature of the property.

Accreted Land Documents