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Resuming Delinquent Disconnect Policy

Wed, 06/17/2020

                                                                     Public Notice

The past couple months have been extremely hard on many people in the Lowcountry. Water and Sewer Department staff on Sullivan’s Island has continued to come to work every day throughout the pandemic to provide safe drinking water and water for bathing 24/7.

Since Governor McMaster’s letter of March 14, 2020, to Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) requesting no essential service shut off for nonpayment, the Town has stopped assessing late fees and suspended our delinquent disconnect policy. No Late fees have been added to any accounts since this date and no delinquent disconnects have taken place.

On May 13, 2020, Governor McMaster instructed ORS to allow utilities to begin taking steps to return to normal business operations while continuing to provide flexibility for customers. You can view the Governor's letter here.  The Town will resume delinquent disconnect procedures as of July 01. Late fees will be assessed beginning in August for the July bill. If you feel you cannot pay your balance in full by July 9 please contact Mary Poole in Town Hall at 843-883-5733 to discuss a payment plan.

Delinquent disconnections will follow this schedule:

  • July 1:     All customers receive their June water bill – the June bill will indicate the past due balance from May
  • July 6:     Past due accounts for the month of May receive a calling post message that service shut off will occur on July 9 if balance is outstanding
  • July 9:     Staff will terminate water service after lunch 12:00 PM

Payment plan highlights:

  • Balance due on account at time of agreement divided by number of agreed to payments not to exceed six (6)
  • Regardless of the agreed to payment plan amount, your current monthly bill must be paid in full along with the agreed upon past due payment plan amount each month
  • Failure to make a payment in full will result in default of the payment plan; and, the full balance will become due immediately and be subject to disconnect