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Council has recently tasked Thomas and Hutton with exploring additional recreation concepts for the Stith Park Master Plan which could further enhance the Park experience.  To gather additional information, the engineer has been asked to delay the presentation scheduled for April 16, 2024 to a later to be determined date. Appropriate notification will be provided for the rescheduled presentation date.



Inspections during the construction process are performed to regulate all construction and maintenance of building so that they are safe and sanitary. The Building Official and the Building Inspector perform building, zoning, flood and other code enforcement work to ensure the compliance of building and properties with all South Carolina Building Codes as well as local Town Codes and Ordinances and regulations. 

How do I request an inspection? 

All permit applications and inspections must be submitted through our BS&A online portal. You may also view our step-by-step Permit Application Instructions (PDF). First time users must link their new accounts through the permit technician by calling 843-883-5727. Business Licenses requests must be made online as well. Please note: all water and sewer inspections are requested through the Water Department.