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Important Weather Message from the Administrator 01/18/2024

Mon, 01/15/2024

Andy Benke

Greetings Island residents,

Moving toward the weekend, I wanted to pass along important weather information from the National Weather Service Charleston.

The National Weather Service has forecast freezing temperatures on the Island beginning Saturday night around 10PM through Sunday morning until approximately 10AM. Homeowners should take precautions NOW to protect any exposed water pipes from the freezing temperatures. Likewise, remember to protect pets and plants that may normally stay outside.

When the temperature is below 32’ F for more than four (4) hours water inside the pipe will freeze. As the water freezes, the pipes and joints will expand often resulting in a break. As the temperatures rise and the ice inside the pipe thaws, water which is under pressure will begin to leak or spray from the break. As the water leaks rapidly from the break, it could cause property damage. For this reason, residents should locate and know how to use the customer shut off valve. The customer shut off valve is located just beyond the water meter inside your property line.  It can be found inside a plastic box with a green lid over the top.

If you plan to be home, Sullivan’s Island Water and Sewer recommends allowing several faucets to run slightly while temperatures are below freezing. A steady stream about the size of a pencil tip should suffice. In the event your hot water heating source is located outside or in a non-conditioned space, let a hot water faucet drip as well.  Water movement through pipes will help prevent freezing.   

In the event you are away from the Island this weekend, consider shutting off your water supply at the customer shut off valve. While this will not prevent your pipes from freezing, it will prevent water damage due to a broken pipe/leaking water while you are not at home.

As always, follow the most current weather conditions and forecast through the local media outlets.


Andy Benke
Town Administrator
Town of Sullivan's Island
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Sullivan's Island, SC  29482
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