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Labor Day Message from Town Hall

Fri, 09/04/2020

Happy Labor Day

Good afternoon Island residents,

As we prepare to enjoy the long holiday weekend, I wanted to pass along a bit of information to you.

  • Town Council Activity – In response to the COVID-19 pandemic all meetings are held remotely using Zoom
    • A Special Meeting will be held on September 10 such that Town Council may enter Executive Session for the purpose of entering mediation to attempt to reach a settlement in the Bluestein v. Sullivan’s Island lawsuit.  Council cannot and will not take any official action in Executive Session, but will possibly attempt to reach a proposed settlement term sheet to be presented to Town Council in Open Session for consideration.   Following the conclusion of mediation, Council will return to Open Session.  If a proposed settlement term sheet exists Council may, in Open Session, choose to entertain discussion and a motion regarding preferred next steps.  This could include an immediate vote on the term sheet, or an agreed upon procedure for possible follow-up work and a schedule to bring the term sheet back in front of Council for a vote.   The timing for Council action on a proposed settlement term sheet may be one of the items to be discussed in mediation, so further specificity regarding process is unavailable until the conclusion of Executive Session on September 10.  Therefore, all interested parties are encouraged to remotely attend Open Session on September 10 following the conclusion of Executive Session for more information. Council recognizes that it could be desirable to take action at a separately convened meeting shortly after conclusion of mediation and accordingly will be scheduling an open session Special Council Meeting for the morning of Monday, September 14th in the event that such a meeting might be appropriate. The town will publish its standard notices for these events which can be viewed by clicking here (PDF).   
    • Middle Street Traffic Enhancements Parking- The Public Safety Committee of Council with the assistance of Stantec Engineering has been reviewing traffic flow through the commercial district and parking enhancements in the state owned right of way. The Committee will present its findings at the September 15the meeting of Town Council.
  • Labor Day Holiday
    • Monday September 7th is an observed holiday by the Town. Town Hall will be closed but all essential services will be fully staffed and standing by at the ready to respond.  As always, for an emergency dial 9-1-1. For non-emergency assistance from Police, Fire or Water and Sewer contact Charleston County Consolidated Dispatch at 843-743-7200.
    • The Monday holiday will alter the household garbage, yard debris and recycle collection. Please note the adjusted schedule:
      • Household garbage collection normally on Tuesday 9-8-20 will be conducted on Wednesday 9-9-20
      • Yard debris collection normally on Wednesday 9-9-20 will be conducted on Thursday 9-10-20
      • Charleston County recycle collection normally on Wednesday 9-9-20 will be conducted on Thursday 9-10-20
      • Household garbage collection normally on Friday 9-11-20 will be conducted on Saturday 9-12-20
      • Note that the final two day per week collection of the summer season will occur on Saturday 9-12-20.  One collection per week on Tuesday resumes on 9-15-20.
  • COVID-19 Pandemic
    • Restrictions put in place by Governor McMaster’s various Executive Order regarding social distancing, restaurant seating, alcohol sales remain in effect.
    • The Town has lifted beach restrictions for chairs, umbrellas and shade devices.
    • Town Hall remains closed to the public with staff reporting to the office. The parks and playgrounds are open to the public; however, it should be noted that touch surfaces are not cleaned.
    • The Town face covering ordinance is still in effect.   
  • Hurricane Season –  Click here for your Five Day tropical Weather Outlook (JPG)
    • By this time your personal hurricane plan should be in place.  The next 4 weeks through October typically represent the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season. For guidance on hurricane planning visit the Town website at or Charleston County at
    • It is important to remain vigilant and aware of the storm activity.  Currently the National Hurricane Center is following four systems:
      • Tropical Depression Omar is located at 35.2 N 57.8W and on its way to Europe
      • A non-tropical system of low pressure located in the general area of 38.0N 52.0W and also headed toward Europe
      • A nearly stationary broad area of low pressure in the general area of 12. N 38.0W with potential for gradual development next week
      • A tropical wave located at approximately 13.0 N 26.0W producing a large area of disorganized showers and thunderstorms with high potential for further development next week

In the spirit of Peter J. McGuire and Samuel Gompers wishing you a very safe and quite Labor Day weekend!!!!

Andy Benke