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Tropical Storm Isaias- Message #2

Sun, 08/02/2020

Tropical Storm Isaias

Good afternoon Island Residents,

Town staff continues to monitor the progress of Tropical Storm Isaias and monitor the effects that it will have on Sullivan’s Island.  

  • At this time the key items to note are:
    • At Noon today the storm was located approximately 360 miles south of Sullivan’s Island
    • Maximum sustained winds are clocked at 65mph
    • The storm is tracking NNW at 8mph and will continue to do so into this evening. During Sunday night TS Isaias will take a projected NNE turn bringing the system close to the coast  later Monday afternoon/early evening.
    • The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has a 40% to 50% level of confidence at this time that the tropical storm winds will arrive Monday mid-day to early evening
    • Tides for Monday 8-3-20 and Tuesday 8-4-20:
      • 8-3-20 Low 0215 hrs (0.1’)
      • 8-3-20 High 0814 hrs (4.8’)
      • 8-3-20 Low 1416 hrs (0.0’)
      • 8-3-20 High 2054 hrs (5.9’)
      • 8-4-20 Low 0300 hrs (0.1’)
      • 8-4-20 High 0901 hrs (4.8’)
      • 8-4-20 Low 1502 hrs (0.1’)
      • 8-4-20 High 2137 hrs (5.8’)
  • What to expect on Monday
    • Tropical storm winds could be between 40 to 55 mph based on the current storm track
    • During the course of the storm event expect heavy volume of rain fall in the range of 2” to 4” – some of which could occur during flood slack water at 2054 hours Monday evening.
    • NHC predicts as much as 2’ to 4’ of inundation  at time of flood slack water
    • Onshore wind, rip currents and wave heights will continue to increase through Tuesday
    • Light possibility of tornado action in Charleston County at this time
    • Possibility of downed power lines and/or loss of power
    • Possibility of downed trees and/or limbs
  • As a resident what you should be doing at this time
    • Continue to monitor local media outlets for the latest information on the tropical storm and its track
    • Secure outside furniture or items that can become a projectile as the wind increases
    • Protect any personal property in low lying areas prone to flooding
    • Secure and check on any watercraft moored alongside
    • Refrain or exercise extreme caution when entering the ocean or waterway
    • Stay tuned for Town information on household garbage next week.  It is anticipated to be on the normal Tuesday/Friday schedule
  • During the storm event
    • It is highly advisable to shelter in place when wind force and rain begin to increase
    • If you lose power contact Dominion Energy at 1-888-333-4465
    • If you have an emergency or see suspicious activity DIAL 9-1-1; Police and Fire will respond immediately
  • What the Town is doing
    • Town Hall is operating at OPCON 2 and will start Monday fully staffed; non-essential staff will be dismissed accordingly should weather conditions deteriorate during the day
    • The Municipal Emergency Operations Center will be manned beginning 8am Monday to monitor the storm progress
    • All storm preparations were completed Saturday and staff is standing by at the ready to respond during the event and initiate recovery/damage assessment operations at first light Tuesday
    • At this time there are no plans to restrict access to the Island
    • At this time there are no plans to initiate a curfew on the Island
    • Sullivan’s Island Police and Fire Departments will have additional staffing to patrol and respond during the evening

To read the National Hurricane Center Update from August 2, 2020 please click here. 


Andy Benke
Town Administrator